Zachary Maintenance Services, LLC was created to produce quality residential construction, take advantage of efficient production practices, and to fill the void of affordable high quality custom homes for moderate income targets.

In keeping with today’s strenuous construction demands and requirements, the company is looking to expand its expertise into commercial markets utilizing state of the art methods, techniques, and equipment to ensure that we meet or exceed customer as well as our own mission requirements.


  • Purchase heavy equipment that will increase company assets and allow a higher competitive edge towards obtaining bonding capability.
  • Gain site control for future expansion
  • Sustain company during the ups and down of the construction market
  • To project each construction activity as a profit center.

Shelia Proby – President/CEO
Bookkeeping, Accounting, Contract Administration

Yusuf Registe – Vice President

Human Resource Management, Construction Management, Field Operations, Contract Estimating, Analysis & Review

Zachary Maintenance Services, LLC

Founded by Yusuf Registe 2016

Women Own Minority 2016

Licensed and Bonded

Certified & Registered in Washington State

Contracted with 4 Cities of WA

Alexander General Construction, Inc.

Founded by Yusuf Registe 1990

Incorporated 1995

Women Own Minority 2005

8 – A Certified

Licensed and Bonded

A – 1 Quality Construction

Certified & Registered in Washington State

Contracted with 3 Local Unions